Ghetto Blaster

Ghetto Blaster – The Real Sound

FOLDER1: a folder for a musician. Have a collection of classical and casual rhythm bits, music loops and clips [royalti free] and a package of folders to feel the emotions like background, feel, guess, introduce, miracle, thriller and also a package for single sounds.

FOLDER2: a folder contains ever files in mp3 format so that the disk can be also used in an mp3 player.

FOLDER3: a folder contains ever files in wave format so that the user can use the sound files for their audio work, for their creativity on sound, to add special effects on their audio tracks, etc.,

The sound files are specially digitalized in clear.

Animals: cat, cow, dog, donkey, elephant, frog, goat, horse, insect, lion, pig and tiger. Attack: blast, fight, force, sward and weapon. Bg voice. Bell alarm, calling bell, devotional, quick alarm, school bell, shared and telephone. Birds. Human body. Human voice a child, alphabet, claps, countries, crowd, crying, laughing, sought, sleeping, walking, whistle, words in clear, words to be continue and words to be filled. In home door, sounds, water work. In market cracke, hammer, livver, roller, sales man, scratch, wheel, and working. Nature bubbles, forest, rain, strom, thunder, tree, war, wave, wind, water flow, waterfalls, Serious. Transport airline, break, door shut, emergency, harbor, horn, move, race, start, train, etc…