It’s Me

It’s Me

Lyrics by Shivaramakrishnan
Album: Behind The Sound
Music: Arulprasath

I can see just listen to me
        And i can be always on my knee
I can trust the words of beast
        And i can test the bird in nest
I can feel the touch of heal
        And i can seal the earth on wheel
I can love the heart of dove
        And i can show that ur not so..

Trust me Wish me, U can never hold me
Bit me Lead me, U have never told me
U can be hold be U can never told me
U can hijack me U can play back me
U be beside me U can believe me
Up to be with me Or to just kill me
And to just kid me Or you just leave me

Up with me Or up to with me
Up with me Or upset to me..

Hold me Bold me, never with hold me
Fold me Cold me, never u told me
Never be with me Never beside me
Never u kid me never u bit me
Never u trust me never u kiss me
Never u wish me never u miss me
Never u told me never u love me
Never u hate me never relate me
Will u accept me Will u adjust me
Can u be with me Can u beside me
Will u just play me Will u just brave me
Will u just stand with me Will u sing with me
Can u just have me Can u just save me
Will u hope with me Will u dance with me..