The Magic Word

The Magic Word
Lyrics by Shivaramakrishnan
Album: Behind The Sound
Music: Arulprasath

It's an miracle that makes wonders without meaning
Love is an undefainable truth that gives the joy of freedom
It finds the other part of you
         It shows the true heart of you
It brings the best in you
         It gives the breath for you
It inspires you
         It admires you
Love gives you the life
         It makes you fly high
It is life
It is beauty
It is peace
It is joy

It is light
It is faith & hope
It is meaningless
It is precious
It is all
It is all...

Love is a dreamless thought with thought's full of dreams
It's a long kiss of heaven which holds you strongly with in it
Love is an endless cry
        It's a blind desire
It's an unlimited feel
        It's an ever losting highway
It's a stolen sleep that makes you hunger for it
        It's a sailing ship that sails forever
It takes out depression
        It makes your life in heaven
It's the only word that defines by itself
        It's the only truth that survives forever

Life is endless without love in it
Life is useless without the touch of it.